Monday, May 13, 2013


 Why Can't Psychics Win the Lottery?

One of the great arguments against the validity of psychic prediction is that psychics never win the lottery. How can their abilities be valid if they can’t predict winning numbers? As a psychic, I’ve struggled with that very issue myself. After all, I could use some extra cash just like everyone else.

Psychic phenomena are not an exact science. Precognition comes from signals that the brain receives and processes, much like a computer processes data. Each person’s brain works differently, and experiences and personality affect how our brains interpret what we see. For example, suppose you wake up thinking about a family member you haven’t seen in a long time. You have this nagging feeling that something is wrong, but you have no idea what it could be. Just as you climb out of bed to call her, the phone rings. Your Aunt tells you that your cousin was in a minor car accident that morning and that she has a few minor injuries, but is otherwise OK. Was it coincidence or something more? Your brain picked up the signal that something was wrong with a female that you were related to. But a big portion of the information was missing.  Why? Well, for starters, information carried from one person to another is not wired like a phone line. There is no direct signal and what does come through is filtered by your subconscious mind. Perhaps the original signal did contain information about a car crash, but you lost a friend in one last year, and “Car Crash” brought up painful emotions. Your brain, being the marvelous filter it is, deleted that information to protect your emotional state and make the information you received more acceptable.  Or, perhaps you simply weren’t awake enough to process the information that came through, so only part of it reached your waking consciousness.


So how does this apply to winning the lottery? Well, for starters, lottery numbers are extraordinarily random and so statistically challenging, that the human brain is simply not capable of processing that kind of information. It would be like trying to live-stream 1,000 television shows simultaneously through an old dial-up Internet connection. It’s simply not going to happen. Of those 1,000 shows, you may get a 30 second clip from one, IF you’re lucky.

But even IF your brain were talented enough to actually receive the numbers, there is always the issue of destiny. If you’re not destined to become wealthy, the numbers, no matter how talented you are, will not come to you. The universe, or God, or whatever you believe in, only ever provides you with what is meant for you. So if your path in life is to experience what it’s like to struggle and find meaning in the simpler things in life, then winning the lottery won’t be part of your path.


There are two other scenarios, which I’d like you to consider:

The first is that even if winning the lottery is potentially part of your future, if you don’t believe that you deserve the wealth, your mind will filter out the winning numbers because it will perceive them as a threat to your comfort level, despite how badly you may want it.


Here’s another option: Suppose you want to win the lottery. You truly believe you deserve the wealth, but still you can’t seem to conjure up the winning numbers. You do some soul-searching and realize that deep down inside, you are terrified of change. Winning the lottery would certainly change your life, so your brain filters out the numbers to protect your status quo.


Make sense? With so many variables, the likelihood of any psychic, no matter how talented they may be, predicting winning lottery numbers is next to nothing. I won’t venture to say it’s impossible, but statistically, you’d have a better chance of sprouting a set of superhuman wings and learning to fly.