Saturday, June 8, 2013

Being generous doesn't mean you're a sucker. It means you're kind.
Being honest doesn't mean  you're naive. It  means you're trustworthy.
Being a loving person doesn't make you a doormat. It means you're someone worthwhile.
Being nurturing doesn't make you weak. It means you're valuable.
Being independent doesn't make you a loner. It means you're a strong person who can stand alone if necessary.
Being open-minded doesn't mean you're weird. It means that you have the intelligence and a big enough heart to consider the opinions and ideas of others.

Just for today, find beauty in someone whom you would otherwise avoid.
Just for today, listen to someone whose opinion is different than your own.
Just for today, open your heart and remember to smile.

Monday, May 13, 2013


 Why Can't Psychics Win the Lottery?

One of the great arguments against the validity of psychic prediction is that psychics never win the lottery. How can their abilities be valid if they can’t predict winning numbers? As a psychic, I’ve struggled with that very issue myself. After all, I could use some extra cash just like everyone else.

Psychic phenomena are not an exact science. Precognition comes from signals that the brain receives and processes, much like a computer processes data. Each person’s brain works differently, and experiences and personality affect how our brains interpret what we see. For example, suppose you wake up thinking about a family member you haven’t seen in a long time. You have this nagging feeling that something is wrong, but you have no idea what it could be. Just as you climb out of bed to call her, the phone rings. Your Aunt tells you that your cousin was in a minor car accident that morning and that she has a few minor injuries, but is otherwise OK. Was it coincidence or something more? Your brain picked up the signal that something was wrong with a female that you were related to. But a big portion of the information was missing.  Why? Well, for starters, information carried from one person to another is not wired like a phone line. There is no direct signal and what does come through is filtered by your subconscious mind. Perhaps the original signal did contain information about a car crash, but you lost a friend in one last year, and “Car Crash” brought up painful emotions. Your brain, being the marvelous filter it is, deleted that information to protect your emotional state and make the information you received more acceptable.  Or, perhaps you simply weren’t awake enough to process the information that came through, so only part of it reached your waking consciousness.


So how does this apply to winning the lottery? Well, for starters, lottery numbers are extraordinarily random and so statistically challenging, that the human brain is simply not capable of processing that kind of information. It would be like trying to live-stream 1,000 television shows simultaneously through an old dial-up Internet connection. It’s simply not going to happen. Of those 1,000 shows, you may get a 30 second clip from one, IF you’re lucky.

But even IF your brain were talented enough to actually receive the numbers, there is always the issue of destiny. If you’re not destined to become wealthy, the numbers, no matter how talented you are, will not come to you. The universe, or God, or whatever you believe in, only ever provides you with what is meant for you. So if your path in life is to experience what it’s like to struggle and find meaning in the simpler things in life, then winning the lottery won’t be part of your path.


There are two other scenarios, which I’d like you to consider:

The first is that even if winning the lottery is potentially part of your future, if you don’t believe that you deserve the wealth, your mind will filter out the winning numbers because it will perceive them as a threat to your comfort level, despite how badly you may want it.


Here’s another option: Suppose you want to win the lottery. You truly believe you deserve the wealth, but still you can’t seem to conjure up the winning numbers. You do some soul-searching and realize that deep down inside, you are terrified of change. Winning the lottery would certainly change your life, so your brain filters out the numbers to protect your status quo.


Make sense? With so many variables, the likelihood of any psychic, no matter how talented they may be, predicting winning lottery numbers is next to nothing. I won’t venture to say it’s impossible, but statistically, you’d have a better chance of sprouting a set of superhuman wings and learning to fly.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Learning from Dreams

We all do it because if we didn't we would die. No, I'm not talking about breathing (though that is definitely something we have to do). I'm talking about dreaming. The mind requires several hours of sleep per night to function. Sleep requirements vary from person to person and depends upon age, pregnancy and other factors. 

Psychologists and Doctors have long wondered exactly why we dream. A common theory is that dreaming helps the mind to cope with every day stress. That does make a whole lot of sense. But what happens when dreams become precognitive? And how is it that we sometimes get messages in our dreams? No one really knows for sure. But what we DO know is that it is not only possible to learn from dreams, but over time, we can begin to see patterns of information that comes through and details that at first may not seem precognitive, but as time goes on becomes readily apparent. 

So how do we learn from dreams, exactly? The only way to really learn anything from dreams is to write them down and keep a running journal. Writing dreams down does several things. First, it helps you to remember them accurately. The more you write down, the harder your brain tries to recall the information. If you are consistent and write things down as soon as you wake up, your brain will begin to automatically "save" the details for recall. Eventually, your recall will improve significantly and it will become effortless. When I began having intense dreams back in 96, I took the advice of a long time mentor and began writing them down. When I look back now, it is obvious how recording my dreams over the years has allowed me to have much clearer and more accurate recall. It's kind of fun to see the progression from scattered details and bits of recall, to specific and complete conversations and details. Which brings me to my next point: Keeping a running journal will eventually show the patterns in your dreams and allow you to assign meanings to certain things. For example, over the years, every time I dreamed of a Tornado, some major change would occur in my life. Now, I know when I dream about a tornado, that something major is about to happen in my own life. 

Last but not least, if you want to learn from your dreams, then pay attention to them. Re-read your journal entries each week. Little bits of insight that you may not recognize or understand initially will often make sense later on. And remember, dreams can often take on aspects of the future, or connect to other people's lives. That room you've never seen before that showed up in your dream last night, may be a room that is in a house you live in in the future. It could also be a room in the house of someone you meet in the future. The only way to find out is to keep copious notes and study them often. 

How you study your dreams will determine what you get out of them. Like the scientist who keeps his composition book glued to him in the lab, the more detail and information you write down, the more information you will have to work with and ultimately, the more knowledge you will gain. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

There's an old adage that goes something like this: "Every person we meet, we meet for a reason" I don't know who the original author was, but I've spent many countless hours pondering that sentiment. More than a decade ago, I began meeting people I'd literally dreamed about long before I ever met them in person. To say that it was surreal would be a gross understatement. I wondered how it was possible, and whether there was some divine intervention playing out. After all, each of those people changed my life in some way. Then I wondered, if reality is a construct, is it possible that we are "intending" people into our lives? Is it possible that every person we meet "intended" to find us too? Or is it the lessons we learn from those interactions that we are "intending"? Perhaps we are like electrons, spiraling toward others whose energetic signatures match our own. Maybe those dreams are just precursors, little "Trailers" before the big movie that we are somehow able to pick up on. 

Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see how things play out in the future. I can't help but wonder if the people I'm dreaming about now will somehow appear in my future. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, I've learned a valuable lesson about paying attention to the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle hints the Universe provides. When we pay attention, our understanding of our lives, our situations and our future increases exponentially and with that new understanding comes greater peace and deeper happiness. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

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How To Boost Your Psychic Ability

Whether you're looking to enhance your ability to divine the future, communicate with the deceased or tap your psi to heal others, there are a few basic steps you can take to increase your ability. Believe it or not, the first, and most important step you can take doesn't start with the mind. It starts with the vehicle through which the mind exists: The body. If the body is in a state of disrepair, or disharmony, it will not function optimally. Therefore, it is important that you keep your body healthy and strong so that it can provide the best foundation for your mind to grow. Think of the body as being the soil for the seeds of the mind to grow in. Nourish the soil, and the plants will grow. Neglect the soil, and the plants may still grow, but they won't grow to their full potential and will certainly produce far less desirable results. If you want a strong psi, your best bet is to start with a healthy, strong body. Since we're on the subject of healthy bodies, I would like to add that part of being healthy is being conscious about what goes into your body. You want to avoid toxins such as cigarette smoke, drugs and anything in excess. These things pollute and harm your body and quite simply, will get in the way of any serious psi endeavor. 

Proper nutrition, adequate rest and plenty of exercise are an important part of maintaining healthy body. But there are two things that many people overlook when considering the overall health of the mind/ body system: Hydration and Oxygenation. The body is an amazing complex electrical system, comprised of 80% water and billions of neurons and nerve cells that work together to create our complete sensory experience of the world. Our bodies are designed to mix just the right amount of water and oxygen to keep those electrical systems working their best. So it makes sense then, that we should keep our bodies adequately hydrated and oxygenated. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a sure and easy way of staying hydrated. But how exactly does one "oxygenate" the body? Exercise and proper breathing both provide the best way to oxygenate the body properly. Exercise forces the body to take in more air, increasing oxygen throughout the body. Deep breathing techniques accomplish the same, but don't have the added bonus of burned calories, a strengthened and toned body and overall general fitness that simple deep breathing does. However, it does induce a deep state of relaxation which is definitely conducive to working with psi. A combination of both good exercise and time spent doing some simple deep breathing should yield some very satisfactory results.

Now that you've taken care of the body, it's time to turn your attention to the mind. The old cliche, "Practice makes Perfect" is absolutely true here. If you don't work on developing your skills, you won't progress. But where does one begin? At the beginning of course! The best way to start out is to work on meditation. Daily meditation (even if just for 10 minutes at a time) can reduce blood pressure, lower anxiety levels and train the brain to work in a more relaxed state, which is where psi stems from. To boost your ability, start with a minimum daily meditation practice and gradually increase the amount of time you meditate over time. This will not only help you gain control over your thoughts, but allow you to "program" yourself to enter into stillness whenever needed.  

Once you've gotten really good at meditating, it's time to get a little more involved. Begin by keeping a journal of all your "impressions" on things, both good and bad. So if you meet someone for the first time, record what you thought of them and any other impressions or information you may have gotten. Do the same for any deja'vu, gut feelings and dreams. Keeping a journal allows you to obtain greater insights into things you may have otherwise just dismissed and trains you to pay attention to those psi impressions, rather than just dismissing them. Once you've gotten good at your journal work, move on to divining. Develop a daily practice of using a form of divination, whether it is a Tarot deck, pendulum or a set of runes. Keep your   questions simple and to the point. Record your results. You'll find that as you practice, it will become almost secondary and you will eventually get to the point, where you can ask a question and not even need the tool for the answer. Remember that each tool is simply an extension of your mind, a link if you will between your subconscious and the information that is already available to you.

Last but not least, learn to listen. And by listen, I don't just mean with your ears. Learn to pay attention to the subtle hints that the universe often throws out at you. Some people call them synchronicities, others call them signs. But whatever they are called, those little random events that scream to you to pay attention, are there for a reason. And once you learn to read the patterns, a whole new world of understanding will open up. 

So take care of your body, watch your water and oxygen intake and spend time daily in practice and you will not only be able to increase your psi ability, but enrich your experience in daily life as well.