Sunday, April 7, 2013

There's an old adage that goes something like this: "Every person we meet, we meet for a reason" I don't know who the original author was, but I've spent many countless hours pondering that sentiment. More than a decade ago, I began meeting people I'd literally dreamed about long before I ever met them in person. To say that it was surreal would be a gross understatement. I wondered how it was possible, and whether there was some divine intervention playing out. After all, each of those people changed my life in some way. Then I wondered, if reality is a construct, is it possible that we are "intending" people into our lives? Is it possible that every person we meet "intended" to find us too? Or is it the lessons we learn from those interactions that we are "intending"? Perhaps we are like electrons, spiraling toward others whose energetic signatures match our own. Maybe those dreams are just precursors, little "Trailers" before the big movie that we are somehow able to pick up on. 

Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see how things play out in the future. I can't help but wonder if the people I'm dreaming about now will somehow appear in my future. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, I've learned a valuable lesson about paying attention to the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle hints the Universe provides. When we pay attention, our understanding of our lives, our situations and our future increases exponentially and with that new understanding comes greater peace and deeper happiness. 

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