Monday, March 25, 2013

Speaking Up

Over the years, I've encountered the issue of when to divulge psychic information I get to people I don't know, and when to stay silent. This issue has caused me a lot of grief in the past, and there have been many times when I have said something, only to get myself in trouble or held things back only to feel resounding guilt later on for having stayed silent. I've decided recently, that since premonitions (impressions, whatever you wish to call them) are truly sacred messages, that I would adopt the practice of speaking up when the need arises. I can't help how someone responds to the information, but I can help how I present it. I've found  that how you present the information greatly depends upon WHO you are presenting it to. If you're approaching a total stranger, it's best to be very subtle. For example, if you have a premonition of someone falling down a flight of stairs, you may want to simply suggest they use the handrails when using the stairs in the future, instead of blurting out, "Hey, I had a premonition that you are going to fall down the stairs". Most folks will consider your words just friendly advice, and it may even help them out. If you're talking to someone you know very well and they are aware of your abilities, then perhaps a less subtle approach would be more appropriate, though be sure to remind yourself and the other person, that premonitions are only glimpses of potential events based upon a current reality and that they are not carved in stone. If we are to truly believe int he sacredness of the messages, then we should also accept that the message could be sent to create  different outcome. So if you "see" someone having an "accident" and you warn them, the accident may or may not occur based on other events and that their extra caution may be all it takes to prevent it.

By speaking up, you are allowing the sacredness of intuition to help others and guide them toward a (hopefully) brighter future. If someone reacts to your wisdom badly, just remember that each person is an individual and that some people just don't have room in their universal viewpoint to account for such things. Let it go. Their path is for them to walk. Just stay true to your own path and you'll find that the joys of the universe will open up even more fully. 

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