Friday, January 4, 2013

"Sometimes, one must give up the world in order to gain a Universe." - Mary Caliendo

When we make resolutions, we almost always focus on our goal. We make changes, create new routines and push limits. But as we press forward, we often overlook our secret longings to hold onto old habits and patterns. We admonish ourselves for allowing those thoughts to enter our minds. And then we fail. It is not enough to want something. It is not enough to work for it. To truly succeed, we must allow ourselves the freedom to accept what was and yes, even grieve for, our old lives. After all, it was a part of what made us who we are today. So as we work towards our goals, remember that it to honor our path for what it was, is the surest way to succeed. We can't climb a mountain by starting at the summit. It's the camaraderie at base camp and the climb uphill that make the journey worthwhile. So while we let go of our comfy "base camp", remember that a beautiful summit view awaits us as the end of our climb.

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