Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Courage is not noisy. It's the quiet voice at the end of the day that say, 'I will try again.'
~ Unknown
As long as you keep trying, you cannot fail. Failure only happens when you give up. Even if things go completely wrong, there is always something you can learn, do and achieve. Simply ask, "What can I do with this?" My Great Uncle  loved to build things. One summer, he decided to build a small shed for his tools. He had it built and ready to go in less than a week. It looked amazing. The following week, a hurricane blew through and a large tree fell on it, demolishing it. He pulled what was left of the shed apart, sorted through the remains of the old shed for parts, and built another one. A couple of weeks later, a construction worker who had been hired by his neighbor to re-build a leach field, accidentally drove a back-hoe into the new shed, once again demolishing it. The man was an upstanding man, however, and paid my uncle for the materials to build a new one and offered to help him build it. Two weeks later, my uncle finally had his tool shed. Months passed, and one day he got some bad news. My Aunt was dying. With soaring medical bills, they were forced to sell their home. As they packed up their belongings, He decided that the tool shed he had worked so hard to build, had to come with him. But how? They were moving to the city and wouldn't have room for it on the tiny lot. So, he broke it down board by board and cut all the lumber into uniform-sized pieces and stored them in totes. After they were settled, he started a new project. He used the lumber to build doll houses which he then donated to charity. Of course, there was one small model he built that stayed on a prominent shelf in his workshop just above his work bench until he died. It was an exact replica of his tool shed.

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