Friday, December 14, 2012

Only when we recognize our shortcomings can we overcome them. The moment we blame others for our own actions, we lose. The Devil cannot make you do things. You, yourself make the choice. Society is not responsible for your actions, you are. Your parents may not have done the best job raising you, but you alone are responsible for your actions, your well-being and the course of your life. Someone MADE you angry you say? Not likely. No one can generate your feelings for you. YOU responded with anger to something someone did. That was your choice. Enlightenment demands that we look at each moment and situation from a perspective of unconditional love. Let's look at an example: Someone steals your car. You get angry. "What a scum!" You say. But 16 year old Johnny, the boy who stole your car, has a mom who is a junkie and a dad who is in jail. There is no food in the house and his little sister is hungry and not feeling well. They live an a rural area so he has no way to get to and from a job and when he does earn a little money, his mom steals it for drugs. They have no working vehicle and there is no money for him to take public transportation. He only took your car to get his little sister to the emergency room to be looked at. Now of course, you do not know this. But why not ask? Imagine how the world could change if instead of getting angry, we just took a moment to ask a question and perhaps to help make a difference. Imagine how young Johnny's life could change if instead of pressing charges, you offered to help him? A simple kind gesture can mean all the difference in the world. It could even save a life. Imagine how your simple gesture of kindness could affect someone who believes the world is a hostile, unforgiving place. That little gesture may be the one thing that keeps Johnny from becoming a lifelong criminal. So consider your feelings, your thoughts and your actions carefully. You never know when you will have the chance to change the world.

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