Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Silence is the greatest invention. It allows us the space to consider, to plan and to re-think things before we speak. Silence can also be the most difficult tool to use. For people like me, who shoot from the hip, act first, think later and always fly by the seat of their pants, silence can be frustrating.. no agonizing at times. For we type A'ers, the brooding stillness of silence is like a splinter you can't get out. It just doesn't work for us. But, like eating your veggies, it is important sometimes to think before you speak and so I offer this tidbit of advice to folks like me: If you don't want to walk around with your foot in your mouth all the time, just pause a second or two before you say or do something. Don't engage silence as if it were an enemy, instead visit it like an old relative that you love dearly, but can't take too much of. That way, you avoid doing or saying something stupid without the agony of being still. Good luck!

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